Knowledge is what powers the E&P industry! We would like to recommend the following sources:
Through several years, the SPE Bergen Section have collected a number of technical presentations relevant to the E&P disciplines. Scroll downloadable presentations here.
The history of the oil and gas industry in Norway is a saga of wise political decisions, world-class industrial development and huge value creation. We have compiled highlights from almost 50 years of oil operations in Norway.
Download the 2009 Geological Timescale (published by GSA).
Bookmark our overview of conversion factors.
The SPE Distinguished Lecturers Program is one of the most popular programs offered by the SPE. Each year, SPE selects a group of around 30 individuals who are experts in their field and capable speakers to share their expertise with SPE members through visits to local sections. You may download slides and graphics reports from the SPE's DL archives.
OnePetro is a multi-society library that provides a simple way to search for and access a broad range of technical literature related to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. From one place, you can search and buy documents from many different professional societies, or similar organizations, that serve the oil and gas industry.
The SPE Bookstore offers a broad selection of books and proceedings relevant for the E&P industry
Oilfield terminology in English is not always easily translated into other languages. To help transfer knowledge in the industry’s literature, SPE has developed a collaborative online glossary that will allow members to contribute terms and definitions in multiple languages.
Technical Interest Groups are groups of professionals, aligned by common technical interests, who meet in an electronic community to share information and ideas, discuss topics of interest, share documents, and answer questions posed by other community members.
Approved by the SPE Board in March 2007, this Petroleum Resources Management System for defining reserves and resources was developed by an international group of reserves evaluation experts and endorsed by the World Petroleum Council, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers, and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.
Oil and gas is a high-technology industry, where companies, scientists, and engineers continually challenge the barriers of what is possible to find and produce energy. Research and sharing of knowledge is an important part of this process. SPE offers a variety of links to help you get started in the right direction.
The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is a significant source of facts and knowledge about the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Here are some highlights:
NPD Petroleum Dictionary
NPD Fact Pages
NPD Fact Maps
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